More MOTAT flying boats

It's the Short Sunderland at MOTAT again! I know I've drawn this beast before here but I'm drawn to the idea of flying into Pacific atolls way back in the days before proper airports. How cool would that be!

This plane did just that for decades with the RNZAF right up until 1966. One of only 5 left worldwide, it could land anywhere loaded with the personnel, accommodation and kit to keep an air force running far from home. It even had a galley with the ability to feed a big crew. The last flying boat I drew was the TEAL Solent in the main aviation hall, here.

And here's the workshop hanger, jammed with interesting old planes and paraphenalia, like a Lockhead Lodestar, various wings, fuselages, airframes, even a Huey being done up for Westpac rescue helicopter training. If you ask nicely the old blokes in there will show you around, and they're pretty knowledgeable too, some of them even having worked at TEAL, NAC, and Air New Zealand.