Exit Only

A Wednesday night mountain bike ride at Woodhill forest, arriving early
a good chance to squeeze in a quick sketch before everyone arrived.


Splash Planet, Hastings

Splash Planet is a crazy place, a bit like a Disneyland for water slides, and exactly how I imagine the Gold Coast water parks must be! We were in the bay and the kids were at us to take them again. It's quite a few years since they were there and the weather was so nice we caved in. 

This is the 'Lazy River' below where a continuous stream of people mostly grinning from ear to ear float past propelled by the current.

Splash Planet, Hastings


NZ Festival of Motor Racing 2015

Sketches from a day at Hampton Downs, sketching the Howden Ganley event.
It was a scorching hot day with no shade and with an 8 year old to keep
entertained so the sketches were quick!


Patuau views 2

Some more sketches from Pataua, the one at the top is my favourite, this is my daughter sketching the foot bridge while I sketch her sitting in the Pohutukawa tree framing the mountain on the point and the people gathering cockles in the middle distance.

The other two aren't quite so successful and it's a bit hard to tell there are kids snorkeling in the rock pool in the bottom sketch!


Camping Pataua - the sequel

A happy camper!
Campground view from our so called 'Coleman Party Shade'
Sketches from last week at Pataua South just north of Whangarei.
Click the 'Pataua' link below to see all Pataua sketches.