Villa for removal - side view

Another sketch in my series on the well known Herne Bay landmark that is about to be chopped up and taken away for sale.

It will join a bunch of other old houses at a yard for second hand houses in Kumeu, West Auckland. Often the old villas end up on lifestyle blocks on the edges of the city. Not a bad thing in some ways and certainly better that demolition!

Strangely though, this old (110+ years) house, constructed from thousand year old kauri timber isn't deemed to be historic or require any heritage protection. Take a drive around any of the inner city suburbs and you will see the same thing happening here and there.


Almost ready for takeoff

The next stage in the
removal of the old
villa on Jervois road
is almost complete.

The place has been
gutted, the lower
weather boards and handrails have been removed and the
veranda trussed up
to support it on it's
journey by truck.

Next the chimneys
will be dismantled
and the building cut
into maybe 4 parts.

Sketched through
the orange security


Deconstruction on Swanson Street

There's nothing like a bit of full-on destruction to loosen up the sketching arm! I did these really quickly on the way home the other night, and the noise dust general chaos made me attack the page in a similar fashion, quite good fun for a change.

I'm not sure what the reason for demolition is; is it to make way for a new tower or was it simply too expensive to earthquake proof? I don't know, but one thing I do know is the removal of this last remaining classic completes the transformation of Swanson Street from old school and interesting, to more forgettable recent styles.

I have dim memories of visiting the Victorian terrace shops in lower Swanson as a kid, it certainly had more character back then.



The house removal
people have moved
into the old villa on
Jervois Road often
referred to as
Erawan Thai.

The power lines
running from the
street have been

Next they will
cut it into truck
sized pieces and
take it away!

Look out for
some progress
sketches soon.