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Sunshine brings out the blues and greens

Isn't it great when winter finally gives way and the sun comes out? Temperatures start to rise, the thick layers of clothing come off, sketchers get their sketchbooks out and head up the coast to the beach for the long weekend.

Reviewing my sketches a week later I notice they're full of blues and greens. I guess that's to be expected. Whether walking down through the bush to the water with the sunshine lighting up the bush canopy creating lush dapled greens or at the beach looking across the turquiose water to the green countryside and blue skies.

Tutukaka harbour is perfect for paddle boarding and the weather was mint so I was sketching with hands still throbbing from a long paddle each morning. It was a joy to paddle the bays, checking out the batches nestled in the bays, the waka ama teams out training and the boaties frying up their early morning bacon and eggs on the deck of their yachts and launches.

I like tuning in to the surroundings while I sketch…

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