Camping Pataua - the sequel

A happy camper!
Campground view from our so called 'Coleman Party Shade'
Sketches from last week at Pataua South just north of Whangarei.
Click the 'Pataua' link below to see all Pataua sketches.


Hit the surf!


Had a lot of fun sketching the kids in the surf last week, the look of exhilaration on
their faces as they caught waves on their boogie boards is pretty hard to beat!


5 day challenge

I was challenged to join the 5 Day Art Challenge on Facebook recently by Maki Tanaka and Gabi Campanario. Even though it was my first week back at work I figured why not give it a go. It turned out to be quite an incentive anyway and I banged out 3 new images most days in the small Moleskine sketchbook, supplemented by a few old ones). Here are a few of them below, the result of a cycle along the waterfront on a hot afternoon...

The waka Haunui is in Orakei at the moment (along with the Tongan waka Gaualofa) for some work. I did a super quick sketch of them back in 2011 here  as it departed Auckland on it's voyage across the pacific. I think you would have to be pretty brave to sail one of these to North America!
A classic Kohimarama view towards Rangitoto. People walking and cycling past while swimmers leisurely wade out to deeper water.

The cruise liner Voyager of the Seas was heading out of the harbor, but it wasn't hanging around so I had to work pretty fast. I took a shot on the phone so I could fill in some details later. I know there are bigger vessels out there, but this one blocked Devonport completely from view!


Dun ah, dun nah, dunna, dunna....

The shark display at Auckland Museum. For some strange reason people cue up to to get their photos taken with various sharks found in NZ waters, a Mako, Thresher etc and the largest, the Great White.

Having mostly only seen the odd fin out on the water from time to time, they are much larger than I thought! The Great White at 6 metres long and perhaps 1.5 wide has got to be the scariest creature anywhere. Something to think about next time you go swimming.


Puhoi Pub

Sketches from an overnight stay at the iconic Puhoi pub just north of Auckland.

These scenes below sketched the morning after so without people - a lot quieter than the night before!


ASB Tennis Classic 2015

Barthel versus Konjuh
Croatian fans celebrate Konjuh's win, and more off court action below