Picturing Politics

Attended an interesting talk last night at Auckland University. Steve Bell, the well known Guardian political cartoonist is in residence as the Hood Fellow. What a great opportunity to get up close with a cartooning legend. I've always enjoyed viewing Bell's often outrageous cartoons whenever I stumble across them. (Take a look at his cartoons here if you aren't familiar with his work).

It was a panel talk, along with kiwi cartooning legends Sharon Murdoch and Chris Slane. It was really interesting to learn a little of the thought process behind their work, a little bit of the practicalities of the job - things that have always intrigued me. Aucklanders can check out his exhibition and talk later this week here.

I had a go at quickly capturing them as they talked. I think Chris and Sharon look almost right, but Steve looks either curmudgeonly or demonic depending which sketch you look at — and neither of those descriptions would be true!


Around the square, Palmerston North

A couple of early morning sketches from a week working in Palmerston North last month. Sketched before work in the morning giving the strange impression of a ghost town — my only companions were ducks!

That's The Edge Art Centre above, a nice art deco building with a striking royal blue paint job. And the impressive D.I.C (Direct Importing Company) building below. One of our earliest department store chains now housing the Palmerston North Library.

Check out some more Palmerston North sketches here.


The last three from Ellerslie

I enjoyed meeting some of the owners of the cars as at Ellerslie.

Listening to Ian describe the restoration process of his Armstrong Siddeley Typhoon made me realise these guys are seriously skilled!

Parts for these old beasts aren't always available so it's not unusual for owners to learn the skills needed to recreate parts themselves.


More from the Ellerslie Concours

 Two classic English cars. The Triumph is easily recognisable by that dramatic front - the big headlights strangely close together looking. And the Vauxhall would probably be the most American looking English car built - those fins and oval tail lamps are fantastic.


Ellerslie Concours, of course

I know I've been boring you with lots of car sketches lately but here we go again — sorry. This time it's the Ellerslie Intermarque Concours and Classic Car Show Incorporated I think it's called officially.

The display was impressive. I haven't been for a decade or so, so I was surprised. I wanted to draw as much as I could, so I only coloured one on site, basically just bashing out the line work and moving on quickly to the next one.

Here's a good example of an interesting car – a 1904 Darracq.

The Holden club had a really cool display. I like what they'd done with the Day at the Races theme, even down to the black tape on the headlights - in the fashion of racers back in the day. An FJ, an EH, an HT Monaro and a Torana GTR XU-1 in metallic purple of course.

It was hard to walk past this Mini Cooper. A genuine cooper updated to a faithful replica of a 977 ARX - the 1962 Rally Monte Carlo winner, complete with spare wheels on the roof rack.

This is just some of them – there's more to come in a following post. There were plenty I would have loved to have drawn, like the one off 1938 6C 2300B Alfa Romeo — wow!


A sea of people at Takapuna Beach

Were you in Auckland this Waitangi Weekend? It was a superb weekend weather wise, so we wandered along to Takapuna for a swim not expecting such huge crowds – Aucklanders must have stayed home for the weekend!