Crazy dance

The girls having a boogie! Listening to Seeed - a German dancehall reggae band - yes, such a thing is possible - and guaranteed to get people moving every time.


Sketch meet at Wallace Arts Trust


The Wallace art collection at the Pah Homestead in Hillsborough is always worth a visit. This time though I sketched the art public – sometimes they seem more interesting subjects to sketch. If only they'd stand in one place a little longer!


Crummer Road says goodbye to historic twins

The two old villas at 18-20 Crummer Road are being demolished to make way for apartments — that's right, more Ponsonby/Grey Lynn character is heading to the landfill.
I did the above quick sketch on Monday and they already had the windows and doors removed from their sockets on the upper level. Then the one below on Thursday morning having missed all the real action. Apparently each house came down in just half an hour or so.

I remember these two buildings as the Ashiana Indian Restaurant (I think I've got that right), with pretty faint memories of the interior but the two buildings were joined on the ground floor to make one grand dining room. They made a bold statement standing proud on the corner of Pollen Street always in vibrant colour combinations. 

You have to wonder if demolishing character buildings is the right way to increase inner city housing when there is so much average architecture out there just crying out for redevelopment!

Thanks to Jeanne for the heads-up that demolition has started.


Rest in rugby heaven Jerry Collins

I don't do cartoons very often, but when I heard the sad news
on Friday I was compelled to have a go. 

It's a pretty quick attempt done on Saturday afternoon, I decided the trick was to try
to capture that cheeky grin he seemed to always have, regardless of whether he was taking
on the opposition defense with his crunching runs or nailing the opposition in defense!

Hopefully the rugby heads out there will recognise the Wellington
Hurricanes logo 'halo' and a number 6 cloud?


Long Weekend Traffic

 Spent a little time in the passenger seat on the way back from Napier. We left early in the hope of missing the usual Queen's Birthday weekend traffic snare-up coming into Auckland. Sadly it doesn't matter what time you start your trip!

An ideal time to get sketching, although the results are bit of a mess!