Demolition by neglect in Lynfield?

This old farmhouse on at 143 White Swan Road is currently up for sale.

Sitting as it does on a large block of land in suburban Mt Roskill, I can't help but think that the old buildings days must sadly be numbered! In light of Auckland's continued crazy housing price increases this must be an obvious site for redevelopment into some higher density development.

Perhaps a better result would be to subdivide each side and restore the house, that way at least keeping some of the suburbs heritage intact?


Sky City People

Sketching at Sky City, corner Victoria Street and Federal Street with the sketch group. I've drawn the tower itself before so I drew some of the people instead. With so many events on including the Rolling Stones concert there were people everywhere. What an interesting bunch of people too - with many taking the Sky Tower bungy, and others watching from the footpath.


Featured in The Urban Sketching Handbook

Pretty excited to be featured in Gabi Campanario's latest book; The Urban Sketching Handbook.
One sketch even appears on the back cover!
Back cover sketch - the view from our Rome hotel in 2012

Sharing the page with Stephanie Bower. This house in Auckland has changed colour and the nice old
pepper tree is looking a bit rough.

Gabi uses the Rome sketch to help illustrate the use of three point perspective

My Florence Duomo sketch shares the page with one by  Melanie Reim!


Graham Street top floors almost finished

One of many current construction sites in central Auckland. This one sports a novel variation on the current architectural theme — glass boxes with fins as decoration — this one has a curve.

A Mansons Construction project as sketched from the rooftop of Worksight Design's global headquarters in Victoria Street West. Scroll below for a closer look...

Graham Street top floors, Auckland


Old Government House

Another go at Old Government house inside the University of Auckland grounds, this time with the Big Draw group (Diane and Ngai at left) on a glorious sunny spring day.

Here's my first attempt from earlier this year, I think the new one captures more of a sense of grandeur (well as much grandeur as an old wooden house can have!) that was missing from my original sketch.