Little Shoal Bay

I've wanted to draw the view from Little Shoal Bay to the city for a long time. These yachts have been dragged on frames up on to the hard by a bulldozer, owners do their maintenance, then the bulldozer drags them out on the estuary again where they sit until the tide comes in and they float away again.


Going up!

There's been big progress on this site (about 15 floors) opposite Sky City since my last visit back in July


Fort Takapuna – The Russians are coming!

The unusual fort is on the cliff side near Narrow Neck on the North Shore. It's actually below ground level, so the trick for me in this sketch is to try to get that feeling of the building being in a great big hole! I'm not sure if it quite does that though.

It was originally built to defend Auckland against the Russians way back on the 1890's. Apparently there were a bunch of these built around the country, but most of them have long been demolished. As well as a number of smaller guns, there were two large guns in the cliff front from which this connected main building could supply a steady stream of ammunition. All designed to protect the Rangitoto Channel (that's Rangitoto Island in the distance) from advancing Russian vessels. Thankfully they were never actually needed!



 It was a real pleasure to get up close and personal this 1930 Rolls Royce 20/25 on the weekend.
What a beauty!


Palmerston North Clock Tower

Finishing the colour at home on my Palmerston North Clock Tower sketched in the dark on Thursday night. My regular Cotman watercolour set just doesn't have the range of colour to match the almost flouro colours ones that radiate from the clock tower.

The light changes constantly and the tower even broadcasts the Concert program!


Reviewed in Driven

An excellent review on our children's book in yesterday's NZ Herald car section!

Or read online here.


Brothers Beer with the bro

Brothers Beer is a local warehouse brewing bar at the City Works Depot with around twenty craft beers on tap, featuring their own excellent brews and guest beers from Australasia, the US and sometimes further afield. 

Kind of apt that I was there with my brother eh! Here we're trying out the Stone & Wood Cloud Catcher APA and the Zeffer Apple Crumble cider. Both very tasty.

They have hundred's of bottled beers for sale as well, being craft beers the place is almost like an art gallery for creative beer labels. The warehouse feel is subdued nicely with an eclectic range of old furniture and interesting items like the old pedal car to the left.