More from the Ellerslie Concours

 Two classic English cars. The Triumph is easily recognisable by that dramatic front - the big headlights strangely close together looking. And the Vauxhall would probably be the most American looking English car built - those fins and oval tail lamps are fantastic.


Ellerslie Concours, of course

I know I've been boring you with lots of car sketches lately but here we go again — sorry. This time it's the Ellerslie Intermarque Concours and Classic Car Show Incorporated I think it's called officially.

The display was impressive. I haven't been for a decade or so, so I was surprised. I wanted to draw as much as I could, so I only coloured one on site, basically just bashing out the line work and moving on quickly to the next one.

Here's a good example of an interesting car – a 1904 Darracq.

The Holden club had a really cool display. I like what they'd done with the Day at the Races theme, even down to the black tape on the headlights - in the fashion of racers back in the day. An FJ, an EH, an HT Monaro and a Torana GTR XU-1 in metallic purple of course.

It was hard to walk past this Mini Cooper. A genuine cooper updated to a faithful replica of a 977 ARX - the 1962 Rally Monte Carlo winner, complete with spare wheels on the roof rack.

This is just some of them – there's more to come in a following post. There were plenty I would have loved to have drawn, like the one off 1938 6C 2300B Alfa Romeo — wow!


A sea of people at Takapuna Beach

Were you in Auckland this Waitangi Weekend? It was a superb weekend weather wise, so we wandered along to Takapuna for a swim not expecting such huge crowds – Aucklanders must have stayed home for the weekend!


Waipu Cove


Managed to make a few sketches at Waipu Cove on Anniversary weekend in between paddling and swimming with the kids. Capturing swimmers and surfers in action is one of my favourite things and I had to draw that Suzuki 4-wheel bike buggy thing (again) — what a beast!