Old houses of Akaroa

Here are some old cottage sketches from our Akaroa trip over Easter - if it's one think Akaroa does well it's old houses! This first house below - the Langlois-Eteveneux cottage is one of the original French cottages and was pre-constructed in France then shipped out. It certainly does have a slightly different look and construction to most of the other cottages in town.

This cottage below got the better of my landscape sketchbook - I had to crop the roof off so it could fit nicely. The street names are a legacy of the early French settlement in Akaroa, this one is on Rue Jolie...

Obviously the building below isn't a cottage at all! Pretty neat though. It's the Old Shipping Office (presumably that means there's a new one somewhere?) and like a lot of early NZ commercial buildings it's constructed of timber to look like stone even down to the turned balustrades and wooden keystone at the top.

This one at the top of Rue Jolie has flowering nikau palms and awesome harbour views...

This one is on the not so French sounding William Street...


Bruce Terrace, Akaroa

Our accommodation in Akaroa for the week - an original 1850's
cottage complete with old coal range.


Akaroa Harbour

Just back from spending Easter in Akaroa on Banks Peninsular. Here are a couple of landscape sketches. The top one is a view from high up on the ridge road looking down on the harbour. And below a sketch from the boat club past the lighthouse with the 'Sun Princess' in the distance. Akaroa is taking all of the cruiseliner visits since the earthquake out Lyttelton out of business. Several thousand new tourists in town every other day must be a real bonus for local business.


Villa for removal - side view

Another sketch in my series on the well known Herne Bay landmark that is about to be chopped up and taken away for sale.

It will join a bunch of other old houses at a yard for second hand houses in Kumeu, West Auckland. Often the old villas end up on lifestyle blocks on the edges of the city. Not a bad thing in some ways and certainly better that demolition!

Strangely though, this old (110+ years) house, constructed from thousand year old kauri timber isn't deemed to be historic or require any heritage protection. Take a drive around any of the inner city suburbs and you will see the same thing happening here and there.


Almost ready for takeoff

The next stage in the
removal of the old
villa on Jervois road
is almost complete.

The place has been
gutted, the lower
weather boards and handrails have been removed and the
veranda trussed up
to support it on it's
journey by truck.

Next the chimneys
will be dismantled
and the building cut
into maybe 4 parts.

Sketched through
the orange security