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Weekend in Wellington

[By Murray Dewhurst in Wellington]  

Got to love Wellington. Wellington has character in a way that try-hard Auckland will never have. The world's southernmost capital, it's also the world's windiest city, apparently. Wellington is steep. Old wooden houses and brutalist apartment blocks inhabited by government servants, frozen students and character artists from Weta Workshops cling to the damp valley walls. 
The central city is concentrated in a small area meaning it always feels like the place is pumping. Everywhere you look people are packing out the many bars and cafes, nonchalantly sipping freetrade, Burundi single source, cold brewed coconut lattes and chowing down on pumpkin dukkah toast with a side of eggs, or maybe a Dosa Masala, a Nasi Lemak, or maybe a warming Phở? You might be getting the idea by now – Wellington is incredibly eclectic and quite likely our very own hipster capital.
My eldest daughter, Zoe, and I were in town to check out the Massey…

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