Napier Visit

Tasman Endeavour by Mr Dewhurst
Tasman Endeavour, a photo by Mr Dewhurst on Flickr.

There are great views from Bluff Hill over the port of Napier. It's not a big port, but it's busy as - they turn these babies around in no time. Surprisingly interesting to watch too. I caught the Tasman Endeavour as the last containers were loaded and two tugs came to take her away.


Voyage Te Mana o Te Moana

Voyage Te Mana o Te Moana by Mr Dewhurst
Voyage Te Mana o Te Moana, a photo by Mr Dewhurst on Flickr.
7 Waka Moana set sail from Auckland yesterday for Hawaii. Navigating by the stars in the traditional Polynesian style from Auckland to Hawaii via French Polynesia (and eventually San Francisco).

On left, Te Matau a Maui (NZ, Aotearoa), centre Gaualofa (Samoa), and right, Uto Ni Yalo (Fiji). They sail via Fakarava, Nuku Hiva (French Polynesia.), Hilo, Kawaihae, Honolulu (and eventually San Francisco)! Brave.

You can follow the voyage here —


Old Yachts

Herded the kids around the Maritime Museum on the weekend and got this quick sketch (left) of the original 1800’s cutter ‘Rewa’ on display inside the museum while they clambered all over and in it.

What an excellent place to take the kids on a rainy day, especially with the newer interactive and Sir Peter Blake additions, free for Auckland residents too.


Theatre Cafe, Karangahape Road

I was confused about this long narrow cafe on K-road. Previously the apocalyptic looking Brazil cafe, I will always remember it as the Norman Ng fruit shop, however it was once also an entrance to the Mercury Theatre on Mercury Lane. Added to the older theatre in the 20's to provide access from K-rd, in a neo-greek art deco style! It is certainly striking with uplit vaulted ceilings coated with what looks like a distressed gold foil and a large lead-light window in the ceiling at one end. The lighting and guilded colouring I found impossible to capture. Go here for more history.


Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix, Auckland Domain

The Bay Rescue III and
a flying pizza amongst
the madness at Auckland
domain yesterday


The Incredible moving pub II

I've posted an earlier version of the Birdcage Tavern last year before it was pushed up the road on 3 enormous concrete rails.

The old hotel was moved to allow a 'cut and cover' motorway tunnel to be constructed underneath. One of our oldest pubs (1884), it was once situated very close to the Freemans Bay waterfront, but with land reclamation early last century the beach moved away and today the motorway has moved in with the older overhead viaduct joined by a motorway tunnel beneath.

The Birdcage Tavern will be shunted back down to it's original position, about 40 metres to the left. This is the view from Franklin road toward the city. By the end of Tuesday, the pub should be back in it's rightful position roughly where the digger is sitting in this picture.

Viewed from under viaduct July, 2010 and a shot of one of the rails...


Grey Lynn

Is a strange name for one of the more interesting suburbs in Auckland. One of the highlights for me is this mural on the side of a building by John Pule...

Pule's work is so dense with iconography and pattern you could loose yourself! It's usually seen in the major galleries so it's nice to be able to walk by one every now and then.

My iPod pick for sketching in Grey Lynn, (the mural makes a cameo too)...