Fale Pasifika — Grafton Gully Cycleway

From what I can find online Fale Pasifika is the second largest fale (Samoan style house) in the world. It's part of the Pacific Studies department at Auckland University (my guess is the Samoan parliament building in Apia - but don’t quote me on that). 

The fale is basically surrounded by an outdoor art gallery with a soaring archway by Tomui Kaloni, Jim Vivieaere’s frigate bird sculptures and a large glossy red pou by Fatu Fe’u’ amongst others. 

Definitely worth a look next time you’re riding the Grafton Gully Cycleway, it’s probably a 100 metre excursion up Alten Road, then left into Wynyard Street. Cruise past the Waipapa marae with its beautifully carved whare whakairo and the Fale Pasifika is just on the left.