Crummer Road time-lapse

I thought it would be fun to make a rough animation from the sketches done of 18-20 Crummer Road in Grey Lynn.

From two well-known villas 17th June 2015 and the following day after demolition, to construction in progress in July 2016 to the finished article as sketched yesterday.

I'll bring a copy along to the Past to Present exhibition at Railway Studios next Thursday.


MiataGrrl said…
This is cool, Murray! Sure are a lot of changes in your area that you have been documenting.

- Tina
Murray Dewhurst said…
Thanks Tina, I think that Auckland might be quite similar to Seattle in that respect too.
Di said…
What a brilliant record Murray, it's great to see this transition.
Kind of sad too when you look at those lovely old buildings with all their character and what they get replaced with - cold heartless concrete and steel.