More Ponsonby for the landfill?

I'm all for increasing building intensity in Auckland to stop urban sprawl. Good idea. Except when it involves what's left of our built heritage that is.

This villa has sat proudly (well, not so proudly these days obviously - the owner doesn't seem to believe in a fresh coat of paint from one decade to the next) on Ponsonby Road for over 100 years. It was built by craftsmen without the assistance of power tools from 1000 year old Kauri. The iconic Kauri tree that is dying out due to kauri die-back disease and may well be lost for ever.

Yet council zoning says this place can be demolished. I just don't get it.


dinahmow said…
It's just wrong, isn't it?
Di said…
I'm sure that whoever demolishes it will re-use the kauri. Great job capturing the villa Murray. Could we be seeing these in a book soon?
Murray Dewhurst said…
I guess an ok result would be if the house was moved to another site. We will see what happens!