Picturing Politics

Attended an interesting talk last night at Auckland University. Steve Bell, the well known Guardian political cartoonist is in residence as the Hood Fellow. What a great opportunity to get up close with a cartooning legend. I've always enjoyed viewing Bell's often outrageous cartoons whenever I stumble across them. (Take a look at his cartoons here if you aren't familiar with his work).

It was a panel talk, along with kiwi cartooning legends Sharon Murdoch and Chris Slane. It was really interesting to learn a little of the thought process behind their work, a little bit of the practicalities of the job - things that have always intrigued me. Aucklanders can check out his exhibition and talk later this week here.

I had a go at quickly capturing them as they talked. I think Chris and Sharon look almost right, but Steve looks either curmudgeonly or demonic depending which sketch you look at — and neither of those descriptions would be true!