Racing instore this October

My preview copy has arrived! An inspirational children's book about the life of Bruce McLaren. 

A little known fact about Bruce was that he spent two years at Takapuna's Wilson home for crippled children with his legs strapped to a bed cart!

Initial inspiration for the book came from my uncle, Keith Madgwick, who despite his own severe difficulties due to polio fulfilled his dream to race in motorsport driving Mini Coopers in events like the Wills 6 hour endurance races at Pukekohe Park Raceway, numerous street races and hill climbs and went on to be a key figure in running the original Baypark Raceway.  Keith would often try to fill me in on what Bruce, Denny and Chris got up to in the 60's.

Two years in the planning it's been a bit of a mission but it will soon be on the shelves. Very nice to hold it in my hands at last. A big thank you to Dreydon, publisher (and author!) at Inspired Kids for making it happen and Jan McLaren at the Bruce McLaren Trust for her and David's help, guidance and the use of the museum resources.


dinahmow said…
Oh.My Stars. Keith Madgwick's your uncle? Lordy, I've forgotten a lot from the old days, but some names flash, like an arcade machine.

Well done, you!
Murray Dewhurst said…
Hi Dinah! So did you know Keith?