Singapore, once over with a brush pen

One of the unforeseen pitfalls I encountered sketching in Singapore last month was the humidity. It was really hot too, but it was that moister in the air that made my Fabriano sketch pad pages just soft and soggy enough to cause me problems.

The softer drawing surface meant my usual pencil drawing tool (a 30 year old Faber-Castell 2mm clutch pencil loaded with 6B lead) struggled to bite to the surface leaving my drawings a bit washed out looking!

I noticed that many of the Singapore sketchers, and others from the region too, draw in ink either via fountain pen, dip pen or even sharpened sticks (especially in Kiah Kiean's case!). I think it's a lot to do with the problem I found, of soggy damp paper?

These top 2 sketches were drawn in pencil onsite over the symposium days, and looked so washed out I've later decided to have a crack with the brush pen. I quite enjoyed it, so who knows you might see more in this style!

Market on Waterloo Street

Orchard Road

Return flight surrounded by sleeping students