Rescuing migrants at sea on board HMS Bulwark

Excerpt from a guest post by Dan Peterson on Urban Sketchers

"I joined HMS Bulwark in Malta on the 15th June. The ship’s crew were getting ready to return to sea after a few days respite following their largest rescue of 1200 migrants in the Mediterranean just the week before. I was on board to observe and record, using illustration. Bulwark’s current mission, known as Op WEALD, is the UK's contribution to SOLAS (Saving Of Life At Sea) Operations."

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Dan Peterson is a freelance illustrator based in Cardiff, Wales. As one of the editors of the main USk site, we are involved with attempting to bring timely news articles to our readers attention. I was delighted when Dan agreed to supply the first of his posts based on his experiences on board HMS Bulwark - both timely and newsworthy! Read the full post here.