Local character turned early morning takeaways

The Erawan Thai villa vacated the neighbourhood this morning. It took Craig Walker Building Removals just three hours or so to get all three trailer units carrying 130 years of local history off the section in the rain and onto the street and down the road to it's new home up north.

First trailer 1:45

Quite an operation that started around midnight and went well into the wee hours of the morning. Incredibly loud too with three Kenworth trucks, power tools and a bunch of contractors struggling to hear each other over the noise.

Second trailer 2:30am


Lis Watkins said…
You are so dedicated getting up this early - or staying up so late! Really enjoying this series of drawings. The white on black is very effective.
Murray Dewhurst said…
Thanks Lis, To be honest I had no choice as I live over the road and the 3 Kenworth trucks, the chainsaw etc ensured that I couldn't sleep!