Smash Palace

The current school holiday's found me at Ohakune for 2 days with a bunch of kids desperate for their first proper ski experience. Of course I was secretly hoping the mountain would be closed so I could visit Smash Palace at Horopito.

I've probably wanted to visit since watching Steve Millen driving the Smash Palace race scenes in a Formula Pacific Ralt RT1 at Bay Park in 1981 (I had to check that, I thought it was David Oxton). Well I sort of got the best of both worlds with an hour sketching outside Smash Palace from the safety of a warm car (freezing outside), and a day of skiing once the mountain opened (happy kids = happy sketcher).

Looking forward to next time when I actually have time to go inside the place! The sketches are, top, a snow covered Mk I Jaguar, and a Rover P4 Cyclops, Austin Sheerline and Humber Snipe at the bottom.