Old Government House

Another go at Old Government house inside the University of Auckland grounds, this time with the Big Draw group (Diane and Ngai at left) on a glorious sunny spring day.

Here's my first attempt from earlier this year, I think the new one captures more of a sense of grandeur (well as much grandeur as an old wooden house can have!) that was missing from my original sketch.


EricColbert said…
We recently welcomed a few students who are out on a mission to do sketch work of usual businesses they found around our area. They did a few cafes and book stores, and now they are doing self storage places. I thought there isn’t much that needs any sketching, but apparently, when they showed us their finished artwork, it was amazing on how they perceived and viewed the entire facility and the movement of people, as well.
EricColbert said…
I have always admired people who naturally have artistic talent in them. It takes quite an amount of it to be able to draw such a realistic sketch of a person or even a building for that matter. I have been around New Zealand and there are plenty of buildings which will definitely look great on canvas. There are self storage facilities, cafes, and even office buildings. They are individually not of any interesting nature, but their architecture is the one that matters.
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