Not so trusty sucker draws final breath

My 8 year old's eyes lit up when I announced that we would fix the vacuum ourselves this time.

The bloody thing has broken down many times before, simply pull the cable a little too hard, and you're off to the repair shop. In fact, on our very first cleaning mission together - both wheels fell off - not once but repeatedly! On return to the dealer they gave me new wheels - thanks guys, but how many falling-off wheels did you think we really need?

So we couldn't believe our luck when we discovered we had the correct 'torx' head that would allow the 8 year old to unscrew the engine from the chassis, gain access to the retractable power cord and hopefully reconnect it again. He was loving it, everything went just great; remove the filter, engine out, retractable wheel clipped out, unclip the wheel, and bang, just like that time I tried to 'fix' a wind-up alarm clock when I was little myself - springs and cables everywhere!

Sadly, there will be no more stealing Lego parts for this sucker, no more terrifying the cat either, just a lengthy visit to that great cleaning facility we like to call the dump.