Street art brings birdsong to Karangahape Road

The streets around Karangahape Road were taken over this weekend by the All Fresco street art festival.

I spent a sunny hour and a half on Poynton Street (by the fire station) drawing Charles Williams, aka Phat 1, working on this piece on the facade of an art deco apartment. If you've ever seen Charles' work you'll recognise his signature style of enormous luxuriously painted (sprayed) native birds like this Tieke/Stitchbird. The bird's song is represented by a colourful floral design by Lady Diva that wafts up the street towards Pitt Street bringing the whole street to life.

The tiny figures seen on a cherry picker off to the left are Misery and Tomtom flat-out on an enormous piece growing up the wall of a lift shaft. If you're Monday morning commute takes you around the streets of K-rd your morning will be that bit more colourful.