Noel McKenna at Two Rooms

I really enjoyed this show by Australian artist Noel McKenna showing at Two Rooms in Arch Hill.

Unlike a lot of gallery art, it's neither large painted works or installation art, instead small personal sized paintings and drawings that you have to get up close and personal with and follow a narrative sequence. They remind me of sketchbook paintings or urban sketches in that way.

The works are the result of a 1 month Auckland residency, where McKenna has recorded his daily progress across Auckland from One Tree hill to Half Moon bay in his own unique style with wry and often hilarious notations added.

I really enjoyed his ironic deadpan view of pretty mundane stuff. He's combined a visitors fresh take on the things we take for granted as a local with his own quirky view of the world, including odd-ball suburban gateways and houses, domestic animals, race horses at Ellerslie, signage and even rated the beers he's tried on a daily basis. It's on until the end of the month and well worth a look.