Craigs Calendar 2014

IMG_9665 by Mr Dewhurst

IMG_9678 by Mr Dewhurst

IMG_9687 by Mr Dewhurst

IMG_9684 by Mr Dewhurst

IMG_9673 by Mr Dewhurst

IMG_9670 by Mr Dewhurst
IMG_9670, a photo by Mr Dewhurst on Flickr.


Brian Gnyp said…
You Mr Whippy one was a good selection. It's a classic.
art alive said…
Great idea of publishing your sketches on a calendar.
Thanks for a great blog by the way.
Murray Dewhurst said…
Thanks Brian and Art Alive — appreciate your comments!
Mário said…
Nice work Murray.
Where can I get one?
Murray Dewhurst said…
Cheers Mário! Sadly I've given all of my samples away already. You could try becoming a client of Craigs Investment though...