Royalty and vacuum cleaners

What do retro modern vacuum cleaners and King Edward the VIIIth have in common? Nahlin of course!

The 91.4 metro long steamer has been dubbed the 'Royal love boat' because King Edward and Mrs Simpson enjoyed an Adriatic cruise aboard the Nahlin in the 30's and planned his up coming abdication.

Nahlin was sold to King Caroll II of Romania before his abdication, and then used as a museum and eventually a restaurant on the Danube. Some time later Nahlin was refitted by Blohm + Vos, (the same company responsible for the futuristic "A" featured in an earlier post), and purchased by Sir James Dyson of vacuum cleaner fame.

Here's a scrollable closeup of the sketch with thanks to Lapin, for the code!

Royalty & Vacuum Cleaners