Diwali Festival

Auckland's Diwali festival finished today in Auckland and it was quite an event - bright, loud, energetic, tasty (the food that is) and crowded. The performances were impressive, the teenage youtube sensation from  Superwomen from Canada appeared driving the teenagers in the crowd into a screaming frenzy, then this group of drummers appeared in the crowd near us and were instantly engulfed by a joyous crowd of waving dancing fans. 
One of the highlights for me was Hanif Kureshi's typography project. He was busy creating a large poster in traditional hand painted font styles.

Hanif, a fine artist and art director based in New Delhi is on a mission to save the Indian art of hand painted typography which is disappearing in favour of bland computer generated artwork. I haven't made it to India yet, but I know the graphic design would be a huge attraction for me. The project includes recording the typographic styles of hand painting masters for future generations. Soon the digitised type will be available for purchase and use on your computer too with half of the proceeds going back to the original artist. Go to handpaintedtype.com to check out the fantastic lettering styles and video.