Down and dirty at the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge

I was a bit dubious about this event when it was first suggested we enter as a group. But boy what a blast. Several thousand competitors run, crawl and climb their way through 6 kms of swamp, stream, pasture and bog.
No matter how carefully you take the swamp crossings you end up on your backside sliding flat-out downhill to faceplant the smelly swamp water. Yum, fetid swamp water, you have to laugh - a lot. Then there are structures to climb over, and combat style barbed wire crawls, even one with electric cattle wire, that zaps you if, like me, you get lazy and try to get up on your hands and knees.
On finishing you're awarded with a hot meat pie for your trouble. I backtracked to this last swamp section for this quick sketch, and finished it after being sluiced off with a fire hose and through a hot shower.