The Art of Urban Sketching has arrived!

The book has arrived and it's excellent, like a trip around the world without leaving your chair. I'm pleased to say it comes complete with an Auckland spread too. Currently available at Amazon, but hopefully soon available in NZ stores such as Gordon Harris Art Supplies as well.

The kids like it, but the cat isn't very impressed...

Book Review: The Art of Urban Sketching

Check out the excellent book review on Parka Blogs. Also this excellent flip through animation...

The Art of Urban Sketching a video by Parka81 on Flickr.


Ballet class in old church hall with Pohutukawa tree

Arrived 15 mins early to pick my eldest up from her ballet class. So a quick 15 min sketch with about an hour to colour it at home!


Trip to Rangitoto Island

An enjoyable day walking to the top of the
crater for panoramic views back at Auckland
city, exploring lava caves and funky old baches
with the kids.

And one from the archives, an old corrugated
iron bach surrounded by the hybrid
Pohutukawa/Rata trees, sketched back
in the early 90's...