T. Whites 'Everday' Bikes, Symonds Street

Next door to T. Whites bikes on Symonds Street. The original store caters to the fixie and BMX crowd but this one to keeping every bikes on the road. The store also includes a selection of new and recreated townie bikes, a great selection of old frames and parts too, like the mid 90's XT shifter set I picked up recently as well as a sweet new Soma Fabrications 'Clarence' bar. My kind of bikeshop.



Jimu said…
Nice work Murray.

Sounds like your more than a casual Biker.

Quite inspirational your sketching....getting into some sketching myself.

Biking in Auckland would be a challenge traffic wise!

Cheers from the South...Nelson
Murray Dewhurst said…
Thanks for your comment Jimu, good luck with the sketching, its great to hear of others sketching throughout the country!