(not very) Sexy Auckland

She's a bit run-down and worse for wear, her nipples no longer flash and the clock above her no longer keeps 'Vegas Time'. A bit like Karangahape Road in general really, it still has it's moments (as I sketched a couple of working fa'afafine casually looked over my shoulder to check out what I was up to), and the brass lettering beside the door boldly proclaims 'Australasia's Premier Striptease Club', it's all a bit optimistic I think!

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the last remaining clubs from the streets seedy 60's and 70's heyday as Auckland's red-light strip. When I heard the place was on the market, I thought I'd try to capture that infamous sign before it disappears forever. With any luck it might go the way of a neighbour, the The Pink Pussy Cat and get redeveloped as an art gallery.