The recent trip is quickly becoming a faded memory thanks to the wall of work that awaited my return. Looking back over these sketches helps bring it all back though. Lots of street corners feature the Virgin Mary either in sculptural form or oil paintings that are now covered with perspex or mesh to protect them. They also feature coats of arms as well, this is the enormous Medici coat of arms on a corner by the Duomo Plaza. A work of art in it's own right.

Florence was a lot of fun to draw with so much history to absorb and so much to get down on paper. I reckon you could draw there for weeks and not run out of interesting subjects. They have an interesting selection of electric cars and trucks in the city centre - you can only park in the centre if you are electric, but I ran out of time to draw those. Next time! I had to draw the Duomo though, it's simply amazing. But it's also enormous and packed with
so much marble detail that I decided to play it safe
and bite off just a small portion of it. I had a go at the
whole thing a few days later, will post this sketch soon.