Florence II

More sketches from Florence, including an obligatory Lambretta, we have plenty of these in Auckland but hey.

Note the spelling mistake due to a brain more focussed on the Chianti and bruschetta I was enjoying at a street side cafe. Quite liked the simplicity of some of the street places like this one, here they did Bruschetta or Bruschetta (which is really just a fancy name for some tomato oil and basil on toast), and a couple of wine or beer varieties, nothing more. perfect.

Another go at the Duomo below, this time I really got into it and got thoroughly lost in all the marble detail. I had to totally zone out and didn't notice anything or anyone else around me for an hour and a half.

At the bottom a fast one on Piazza di Santa Croce. With Santa Croce basilica behind me I tried to focus on the topography of the square, the feeling of scale and mass of the buildings and the alleys between. It reminds me a bit of the sketches of Eduardo Salavisa, he's an expert at capturing quickly the feeling and scale of a place.