Overindulgence, Bavarian style

Reception hotel in Buchenburg

My brother had his wedding in the Allgäu region of Bavaria. We had a great time experiencing a Bavarian style wedding and hospitality. 

We feasted on such delights as Leberkäse (meaning 'liver cheese' - much nicer than it sounds and actually containing no liver or cheese!), numerous bretzel, delicious flammkuchen, cakes, cakes and more cakes, and of course numerous varieties of Pils, Weisbier, Doppel Bock, Radler bier etc.

Rathausplatz Kempten

Then to Füssen to see the
famous Neuschwanstein castle
and battle with the crowds of
tourists. And battle with the
sketchbook - lots of trouble
fitting the front view of the
castle on my page!

A spectacular castle and stunning
setting though, and I did get
to try my first Currywurst while
in the queue - delicious! 
Leiberkasa, currywurst and flammkuchen
Neuschwanstein Castle