Icy Paradice at Aotea Square

Paradice Skate, Aotea Square by Mr Dewhurst

Paradice Skate have set up a rink in the city!

Tucked in neatly between Selwyn Muru's Waharoa and the Aotea centre steps, it's open until August. Ok, it's not quite Central Park, New York but it's definitely an interesting attraction to town. My kids had a ball. Check their details out here for sculpture-making, snow canon, ice hockey, curling and figure skating times.


dinahmow said…
Oh! I do hope it fares better than the old bag factory in Newmarket (Khyber Pass Rd, I think it was), back in the mid 60s.
And if I come back before August I'll have whirl!
Anonymous said…

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