Pah Homestead

Pah Homestead by Mr Dewhurst
A visit to the Wallace Arts Trust collection at Monte Cecilia Park in Hillsborough, our usual art gallery effort herding the kids around while I try to bang off quick sketches. With Tanya Blong's Twelve miles beneath the moon' and Barry Lett's 'Pink Guide Dog' sculptures. 



I really enjoyed seeing Stephen Gardner's car drawings the other day, especially the Buick, so when this pale yellow Impala pulled up outside work yesterday I just had to draw it...


Can't see the park for the tank farm?

I couldn't either until I discovered these tanks aren't being demolished at all but restored as the focal point to 'Silo Park' — a nod to the areas previous use. Eventually a bridge will span from the 'six pack' on the left to the cement silo on the right where a bungy jump will operate! You can view a fly through of the original concept here.


Manu Aute Kite Day

The Manu Aute Kite Day is part of the Matariki (Maori New Year) celebrations at Orakei Marae. Kite flying was popular with ancient maori and used particularly during Matariki. Kites were believed to make a spiritual connection with the gods.

The sun was out for a change so a great time to check out the impressive kites of all shapes and sizes in action, the most impressive being an enormous stingray at least the size of a bus. A word of warning for those thinking of going next year though - make sure your kite is well sorted in advance - don't do what we did and and turn up with an untested kite that is only interested in crashing headlong into the ground - unless you enjoy being the butt of some good natured kite humour.

As well as the kite flying there was moko designing, hangi food and kapa haka performances on offer. We had a great time with the kids building a traditional style kite of toi toi and raupo in the whare kai, but not such a great time trying to fly it - it would need a lot more wind to get airbourne due to it's weight!