Taupo Bay

A converted 40" container, an old caravan and a long-drop 'dunny' with it's door torn off at Taupo Bay, Northland. Definitely not an urban area - a beautiful surf spot - but with your back to the beach the view of old dilapidated structures has a certain urban charm.


Tsunami Warning

Almost business as usual at this Auckland beach yesterday. Lifeguards keep a weary eye on the horizon whilst a few (foolish) people swim, one or two sunbathe and some walk, the mood a bit more low key for such a sunny day.

People are lapping up the Mr Whippy ice creams as usual though. Of course the van drove away before I was finished sketching it, but that's completely normal!

Rose Road, Grey Lynn


Aurora at Princes Wharf

Another cruiseliner — a bit truncated this time having scored the excellent side elevation view, only to find I only had the A6 sketchbook with me!


Cruising into Auckland

The Amadea (Princes Wharf) and the Sun Princess (Queen's Wharf) in town recently.


Working on the motorway

Well it feels a bit that way sometimes. My studio is within a 5 minute walk in any direction of 'Spaghetti Junction'. Whilst not exactly an attractive view I find it quite captivating.


St Benedicts Street, Newton

I like this street, it's about as diverse a street as you get, modernist bunkers, victorians, deco even an enormous Masonic lodge with Romanesque columns. I'll do some more sketches here in the coming weeks.