Old is New in Auckland

By now you've probably heard about or seen the changes down at the Wynyard Quarter on Auckland's revitalised waterfront which officially opened on Saturday morning. There is so much fantastic new stuff to check out down there I guarantee I'll be back with more sketches of the area soon.

Something that's interesting though is the amount of old stuff that's part of the development. For a start there are the trams that return after an absence of over 50 years, they look great in 'carnation red', apparently the colour of our original trams, I got a sketch as they left their shed on Packenham Street first thing yesterday...
Other old stuff includes Silo park comprising the historic silos on the western end of Jellicoe Street (apparently kept as a nod to the areas industrial past). If you got a chance to climb to the top on opening day you would have had a spectacular view of the whole area including the old sheds (redeveloped as funky restaurants and bars),  Michio Ihara's reinstated Wind Tree sculpture, and old fishing bouys repainted and arranged jauntily about the place.


dinahmow said...

Oh! trams! I loved them when I was a little kid (visiting from far away in South Waikato) and you can bet I'll take a tram ride next time I'm across the ditch.

PS From your sketch of the canoes I've learned that a blog friend has family connections to the Great Voyage. Thanks again.

Murray Dewhurst said...

I think you'll like the way the waterfront is shaping up now, who knows, it might persuade you to move back? I'm pleased the canoe post was useful Dinah. I see they've made it all the way to San Francisco, amazing trip!

Isabell Seidel said...

I've just had a look on the flag of the USK page and was amazed - what a wonderful sketch! Love your style =)

Murray Dewhurst said...

Thank you Isabell!