Ponsonby Backpackers

My daughter, Zoe and I went for an hours sketching on the weekend. It's a scene I've wanted to do for some time as it includes the Ponsonby Backpackers 'turret' which always reminds me of San Francisco, and that of another villa a few doors down. The Sky Tower is also visible in the distance.

I got so tied up trying to get the perspectives right that I ended up creating a really boring drawing! I much prefer Zoe's where she's added her take on perspective and had a bit of fun with it. It's more interesting AND she had time left to zoom up and down with her new Heelys! (They're 'wheely' good I'm told).


dinahmow said…
Have to agree that Zoe gives it a good "twist."
Can I ask her age?
dinahmow said…
Sorry! That might read like a "stalker of children" comment.
I work sometimes with Grade 5 classes, trying to encourage less rigid work.Definitely not stalking!
Murray Dewhurst said…
Hi dinah, thanks for looking in. She is 10 by the way.
Anonymous said…

I am one of the managers at ponsonby backpackers and recently came across your drawing online. I think it is really great and would love to have it blown up and put up in the hostel. Just wanted to find out if you could contact me regarding this. You can find our contact details on our website. www.ponsonby-backpackers.co.nz Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards