La Couronne, Lorne Street

Friday night's excursion into town with the kids led to this delicious discovery, La Couronne Cake Boutique. Beautifully presented cakes and baking each presented like little sculptural works of art had us all enraptured! As we looked around we realised this place has a different 'take' on the traditional with classic European items (Black Forest Gateaux, Tiramisu etc) but with a Taiwanese twist (sweet taro gateaux, green tea cake anybody?) - I know, I know, an unlikely combination - but I'm converted.

Here Rosa is trying out some fresh custard waffles (a kind of mini waffle full of runny custard) while the chef behind prepares red bean waffles. He seemed very happy to be included in the sketch and threw in some more free waffles for the kids to demolish. We will be back!