Drawn to Lisbon but can't make it?

If you're like me and feeling disconsolate because your budget doesn't stretch to Lisbon for the USk Symposium, don't worry, you can follow it online! Follow the symposium online here, follow the blog to 'Meet the Instructors' who include some of Portugals finest sketch and reportage artists (amongst many others), and follow the daily blog posts during the symposium. The blog will feature daily updates by fellow Urban Sketchers contributor Joao Pinheiro of Brazil.

For some strange reason, the Portugese seem to be particularly good with a pencil, so check out some of my personal favourites, Jaoa Catarhino here and Eduardo Salavisa, here.

The symposium will be taking place in central Lisbon, where history exudes from the very pores of the place - from the winding cobbled alleyways of the Roman and Moorish Alfama, the Rio Tejo (or river Tagus), faded azulejo walled palaces, castles and cathedrals. So be prepared to be treated to some superb sketches!