NZ Sculpture Onshore

This Impressive 7 metre tall Christian Nicolson figure (titled; 'In Search of Barebottomland') casts a surreal figure along the Fort Takapuna ridgeline during NZ Sculpture Onshore. Here he stares nonchalantly out to the islands of Rangitoto, Rakino and as far as the Coromandel peninsula.

The exhibition featured 89 works by sculptors many of them perched dramatically along the ridge. The kids were more interested in the works by North Shore primary school students exhibited underground in the old fort tunnels and gun emplacements - something to keep everyone happy.

Works by Dion Hitchens (above) and Charlotte Fisher (bottom). Rangitoto island behind.


Anonymous said…
I used to deal with Christian when he was the designer of Pulp magazine, back in his toi toi in the mud days.
Murray Dewhurst said…
Interesting Antoine, I didn't realise it was the same guy! Happy new year by the way!