Featured in Róisín Curé’s new Urban Sketching Handbook

I'm super stoked to have my sketch of Louis doing his trombone practise in his dressing gown included in Róisín Curé’s Drawing Expressive People, which is part of The Urban Sketchers Handbook series.

Róisín's writing is very entertaining, so apart from giving expert advice on drawing people, which she does very well, you will get a good laugh as well. I particularly like tips like 'How to channel your inner alien’ and why you shouldn't sketch from photos ‘Photos are the enemy of lively sketches. Leave your phone in your pocket’ which is so true.

Nice to be sharing a page with these talented individuals; @pauloj.mendes @mikedaikubara @nelson_paciencia and @matlet 

Kiwis can pick up a copy at Gordon Harris, who deliver during lockdown online sales here. My copy finally arrived after months languishing on a cargo ship somewhere in the Pacific thanks to COVID-19, and if we weren't in Level 4 lockdown I'd go and draw some more people right now.