More from the WRC

We had a great time in the weekend visiting the Viaduct Events Centre to check out the rally cars as they came in each evening. Those that can, drive in muddy and bashed up, bits of bodywork missing, and bits of vegetation sticking out here and there while some arrive on trailers. 

I find the service as much fun to watch as the racing (a bonus being that they stand still almost long enough for me to draw them), each car allowed a 45 minute service before being locked up for the evening. In that time we saw complete front panels replaced, smashed windscreens and shock absorbers replaced and on the Ketomaa Fiesta a complete gearbox removed, and a new one installed. All done under the watchful eyes of hundreds of spectators and a scrutineer who checks and notes down the tags on each replacement part.

If only it was that quick and easy to service the Honda!