T. Whites 'Everday' Bikes, Symonds Street

Next door to T. Whites bikes on Symonds Street. The original store caters to the fixie and BMX crowd but this one to keeping every bikes on the road. The store also includes a selection of new and recreated townie bikes, a great selection of old frames and parts too, like the mid 90's XT shifter set I picked up recently as well as a sweet new Soma Fabrications 'Clarence' bar. My kind of bikeshop.



Sculpture Onshore 2012

Richard Wedekind sculptures Buoys - Ideas straining against the tide on the cliff overlooking the Hauraki Gulf.

This is a great place for a sculpture show with the works perched on the cliff edge overlooking the gulf and Rangitoto Island. A huge selection on display including more hilarious oversized work by Christian Nicholson, not as large as his 7 metre tall naked man that featured in 2010 though.

The kids love it, it's like some bizarre adventure playground, and they enjoy checking out the children's works in the old Navy tunnels below. Standout for me is Sacha Nunn's 'Fukushima in the Ocean of Complacency'.

Check it out NZ Sculpture Onshore, Fort Takapuna, Auckland. It's for a great cause and on until this Sunday, the 18th of November.

The Pirate Captain!

Louis the The Pirate Captain. Watching the excellent Aardman movie, The Pirates! Band of Misfits with the kids sparked a raid the toy box for pirate stuff moment.


Spring in Auckland

A sunny spring Saturday afternoon, so why not put the barbie on? Ten minutes later and the rain is washing the colour off my unfinished page! Not really summer is it.


More from Okahu Landing

Auckland's dry stands are a hive of activity at the moment with yachties working frantically to get their boats back onto the harbour for the summer season. I like how these guys arranged their yachts in a fan shape ideal for sketching!

Save Auckland's Heritage!

Another morning of protest to save the historic Thai restaurant on Jervois Road.