Wet day digger, Newton by Mr Dewhurst
Wet day digger, Newton, a photo by Mr Dewhurst on Flickr.
Lots of bright, fluoro orange to brighten a miserable, cold, wet Auckland day. Corner France and Karaka Streets, Newton.


Drawing the volcanoes

Our 5 year old is currently fixated on volcanoes (dinosaurs too!). He gets me to read passages out of a reference book before bed every night. The book is full of terrifying facts about the things but he laps it all up. As Auckland is built on a dormant volcanic field of 50+ volcanoes, it's all a bit unsettling really especially in light of recent eruptions in Chile and on-going earthquakes in Christchurch. Experts say we are due to erupt again in the next "hundreds to thousands of years".
In the weekend we took the kids up a few for a look at the real thing. Once on top they were amazed to be able to walk inside the craters and imagine what they must look like when they erupted. Long may they sleep I say!

Rosa and I get busy sketching while the other 2 explore Mt St John...

Mt Wellington and One Tree Hill (Mangakiekie)...

Mt Eden viewed across the crater of Mt St John...