Apolitical sketcher goes for a ride

Taking part in political causes is not my usual thing, but today we took part in candidate Rob Thomas' promotional drive for councillor of the new Auckland Super City.

Still not too sure about the candidate to be honest, but by promoting cycling in Auckland he can't be all bad!

Got the chance to tow our 4 year old around the city streets in a relatively safe bunch of cyclists, rather than our usual effort involves dodging pedestrains on the footpath to avoid traffic. Here we syop for coffee at Parnells Strawberry Alarm Clock.


Old Hellaby Butcher, Jervois Road

Regentrified old butchers shop, now sporting a bridal shop and art gallery and holistic health consultancy. Blood n' guts to Beauty!


Metropolis from Freyberg Place

Sketching on one of those classic wet Auckland winter days (it rains a lot in Summer too) - someone mentioned a while back that I needed to add clouds and heavy rain to my sketches to make them look like authentic Auckland. I hope this helps redress the balance! I enjoyed the random effect of raindrops on the page as the pen and paint bled.

Ramas Fruit Mart colour blast

For decades, Rama's on Jervois Road has stood as an exotic blast of optimistic colour – the ideal antidote on a grey winter day!